Monday, October 31, 2011

Mario found Oz!

Trick or Treat Everyone!!!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween, ours was great even though we found out that our two lil munchkins (Kayla and Dylan) both have ear infections!! but no worries that didnt stop us from dressing up!.

This was our first Halloween in our neighborhood and we had a blast!!! all the families got together at the culdesac and started with food and drinks until it got dark then we were ready for some trick or treating fun!!

I couldnt get Austin on board to be the tin man or scarecrow because he wanted to be Mario, which actually suited him more.



  1. OMG...they are adorable!! Looks like they had a great Halloween. Guess Mario was the popular costume this year as my boys were Mario and!

  2. Amazing photos! The kids had a great time!