Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flower girl and first day of school!

Hope everyone had a great Labor day weekend!  Ours was pretty full but nonetheless fun! it kind of started early due to my cousin getting married On Friday Sept 2nd!!! The wedding and bride were beautiful, as well as an adorible little flower girl (wo didnt make it down the aisle!!!) YES miss Kayla Grace was one of the Flower girls and was supposed to walk down with me since I was the Matron of honor and came before the bride, but that didnt really work as planned! See I was supposed to walk down with the youngest flower girl and ring bearer (she had four) which was Kayla and my nephew Mason, I had a great plan of giving them lollipops and brive them right before there big entrance, but unfortunately my flower girl got fussy before we made it to the line  up so I made the big mistake of giving her the lolliop before and by the time we actually had to walk down she had finished it and was crying for more. I defenitely had to end up carrying her while holding Mason's hand, which was ok until he dropped his lollipop on the ground and started crying! So needless to say I was a very floushed matron of honor trying to carry my bouquet/ two toddlers, which in the end made for a good laugh and cute pictures.

The rest of the weekend consisted of us trying to get organized and  ready for the first day of Second Grade! Umm didnt I just drop him off on his first day of Kindergarten?! Geez does time Fly! Austin was so excited but nervous at the same time, he was so cute trying to act very cool and collective, seeing his smile when i picked him up made me so happy to know that he had a succesful fist day!!!

Miss Kay Kay and I
Ring Bearer Mason

Austin ready for School!


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  1. Kayla look so pretty in her dress and Austin looked adorable on his first day of school!