Tuesday, August 23, 2011

VA's got the shakes!!!

So I was getting ready to post about Kayla's 2nd birthday party which was two weekends ago, but something really crazy, freaky, scary happened in VA!!! Now I'm originally from Peru so I've had my fair share of random earthquakes but seriously I don't really remember them since I was so young when I lived there. Well today around 2pm we had a 5.8 earthquake!!!! I had just pulled up to the mall with the kids, I was there meeting my sister with her two kids, we were going to go shopping for a friends baby shower and right when I was putting Dylan in the stroller, the ground started shaking! I looked over at my sis and we were like WTF is going on? Kayla and Austin were still in the car so I quickly went and got them out, by that time the shaking had pretty much stopped and everyone was outside the mall talking about it and freaking out!!!

Ok if you know me then you know I'm the biggest worrier! But of course I tried to pretend like everything was going to be ok and stay strong for the kids, well mainly Austin bc the two little ones had no idea what was going on?!

Luckily everyone is fine and I don't think they have confirmed any damages or injuries but it was def a very scary afternoon, specially since the phone lines were down and it took over 30 minutes to get a hold of my husband!

The news said that it was a pretty big one for the east coast and people in NY, Ohio, Boston felt it! Hope everyone is ok If you lived in any of these areas.


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  1. Glad you guys are ok. I felt a tremor here in Chicago... Scary!