Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring days

Or at least thats what Im hoping for! Last week we had great weather, but yesterday we woke up to snow on the ground!!!! yes, snow at the end of March!, crazy right? hopefully spring will show up, and  stay.

Luckily I took some pictures of the kids playing outside when it was nice out

Kayla loves playing mommy

 practicing his swings

Dylan was loving the weather
 Kayla with her baby brother,doesn't she look ecstatic :)



  1. It is so nice that we had a 'taste' of Spring, but where did it go?? LOL! Love that the kiddos are already enjoying the weather. The baby is adorable...he looks so big already :)

  2. Aw I miss you guys!! :-/ Kayla looks so cute in the last pic!! Miss you!
    Big KK

  3. We still have SO much snow here! I cant wait until we can get outside and play!

  4. Cute pictures! Kayla's hair is getting so long!
    I hope your snow melts soon. We haven't had any in about 2 weeks, and I'm hoping it stays that way!

  5. Cuteness! You'll have to post a photo of the three kids all together! I am SO OVER the winter. We are finally having some nice weather around here and now they are saying there is a noreaster coming this weekend. I'm hoping its a giant April Fools joke that all the weather men are playing on us :/