Monday, August 10, 2009

SO... Im still here!!!

Hopefully my last belly shot, I just took this today at work at 39weeks and 3 days

I know I havent blogged for a while but I have been trying to wrap up everything at work and getting evrything ready for out baby girl, although I thought I would have her in my arms by now, but I guess she is just keeping everyone in their toes and doesnt want to come out until she is ready, I just hope is pretty soon because I cant we all cant wait for her arrival.

In the meantime since I have been horrible about posting pictures, Here are some pictures of me around 37 weeks with my sister at her shower, YES I forgot to mention that my sister is expecting also and she is only about 7 or 8 weeks behind me, I cant wait for her little guy to come either! It is goint to be so nice to have ther cousins be so close in age.

the theme we went for was blue and brown.

picture of some of the girls at the shower

Preggo sandwich
My sister, our best friend and I

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